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Whale Art photography courtesy Adam Stan Photography.

A deaf whale is a dead whale

19 September 23

Seismic blasting whale sand art a hit in Torquay: 

On Saturday 16th September beach walkers and swimmers at Cosy Corner, Torquay were greeted by the sight of a large sand art sculpture depicting a whale being surrounded by seismic blasts.

The sand art was created by Breathe A Blue Ocean in conjunction with Surfrider Foundation Surf Coast to highlight the impact of proposed seismic blasting by TGS in Bass Strait.

“Research indicates seismic surveys have significant impacts to ecologically and commercially valuable species, including zooplankton, scallops, crayfish and cetaceans,” says Marine Biologist, Annie Ford, “but research is limited, with very few species studied. The more we learn, the worse the impact appears to be.”

The whale sand art was viewed and photographed by hundreds of walkers and tourist’s on Saturday morning before being covered up by the ocean.

As the whale art disappeared under the waves a real whale appeared off the coast nearby slapping its tail in appreciation of the efforts by the people of Torquay to protect its habitat and migratory pathway.

 - News from John Foss - Surfrider Foundation Surf Coast 

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