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Image 1 for A bootleg of the maestro Phil Edwards

Image 2 for A bootleg of the maestro Phil Edwards

Frames from the nine-minute vid.

Image 3 for A bootleg of the maestro Phil Edwards

(below) The opening spread from the 14 page article on Phil Edwards in Issue 107 - rather brilliantly put together by John Wade with help from old contacts of Phil’s, Randy Rarick and Tim McCullough.

Image 4 for A bootleg of the maestro Phil Edwards

A bootleg of the maestro Phil Edwards

3 July 24

From Miki to Midget and, well, everybody who surfed through the ’50s and ’60s, to the loggers of today, every longboarder has borrowed from Phil Edwards – whether aware of it or not.

Here’s another bootleg from Captain Surfrocker, with nine minutes of very early ’60s footage “borrowed” from Bruce Brown, Bud Browne, Paul Witzig and who knows where.

From writer John Wade in the intro to our “then-and-now” 12-page tribute to Phil in Issue 107. ( Copies available via our web shop here )

"Phil refined waveriding into an art form and helped define it’s potential as a lifestyle. He introduced Pipeline to the surfing world and then gracefully exited the limelight as money, competition and ego proliferated in the mainstream. Seems understandable when his youth was spent surfing with friends purely for the joy of it. He was a naturally humble and non-competitive person who didn’t seem to buy all the hype that surrounded him. When interviewed about winning the 1963 Surfer Poll award he had this to say, 'I’m sure there are guys that get better rides every day than any particular ride I may get on a given day. Part of it is ability and part of it is publicity'.

"To this day his DNA runs though the way we ride waves as well as the surfboards we ride."

Watch it here

MUSIC: The Roadsters – “Mag Rims”. The Roadrunners – “Quasimoto”. The Lively Ones – “Forty Miles of Bad Road”. The Surf Family – “The Surfer”. Larry Collins – “Ramrod”.

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