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Take-off through the trees.

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New places, new friends.

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Serious stunt surfing.

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“A Winter’s Tale” remastered for the 21st century

6 October 21

From the Surf Film Archive: We’re stoked to announce that, after a full rescan from the best release print we could find, our first full film release is the truly remarkable, A Winter’s Tale. Now available at the link below. 

You are really in for a treat. Some of the most stunning 1970s surf film footage you have ever seen. Especially from the Northern Beaches of Sydney and a truly remarkable 30+ min Hawaii sequence featuring just about everyone who in anyone, and a few more, in some of the best North Shore waves between then and now.

50% of all sales go directly to the filmmakers and 50% supports the Surf Film Archive. This is our history. Let’s look after it.

A Winter's Tale - Curator's Notes

A Winter's Tale - what a gem of a film, we love it. It opens with some rare old school footage but it's a few film generations old and pretty scratched up. Things really kick off around 3 minutes 50 seconds. Look for the first Tolkien inspired map graphic. What follows is a sequence which perfectly captures all the joy of surfing Sydney’s Northern Beaches in the 70s. It'll take anyone that was there right back to their youth. Plenty of memorable names in here, famous and not-so-famous.

At 15:45 the film heads to New Zealand for a real surf adventure. New people and new places. Drop in at around the 20 minute mark and you'll find yourself in the lush Victorian countryside. Big Bells, more Terry Fitz, Wayne Lynch on his home turf, and plenty of others.

The South Africa footage (starting at 31:40) features some metaphorical safari footage, early Durban beaches and some wild night-life. All accompanied by stellar hammond organ work by the late Kim Clement.

If you have to get up to make a cup of tea, make sure you’re back in time for the Hawaii sequence, starting at 41 minutes. Sit back and enjoy some of the best 70s Hawaiian footage you're ever gonna see. So many legends. In their prime. In one place.

Enjoy - Hamish and Jolyon - The Surf Film Archive

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