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A Poem for Dad

21 July 21

Hmm . . . we’ve posted daily on our website for 20-odd years and sent the weekly PLB NewsWire out every Thursday morning at 8am Australian EST since 2006, and this is only the second time we can recall that we’ve run a poem. No doubt that makes us uncultured, but anyway, it’s never too late to lift your game, and we were alerted to this one by a PLB reader in Oregon. It was written by 20-year-old Harrison Klaiss who’s a junior doing a writing major at Clark’s Honor College – and he wrote it for his father:

the surfer

the old surfer

whose body has

declined with age

stands stoic

before the waves.


it is tearing, to him,

to never surf again,

and yet it is glorious

to stand upon lands

once conquered by a passion

so pure and perfect.


the surfer stands now

not against

the taunting roar of the waves,

but with the memories

of moments when

those waves provided flight.


this is a love that never fades,

one far beyond that of the action,

but of the freedom, of the glory,

for the conquered seconds now

commanded to flow onshore.

the tide rises,

and the surfer’s heart fills more.

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