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1950s Big Wave Surfers Master Makaha's 35-Foot Waves (feat. Walter Hoffman & Hobie Alter)

15 June 24

“Mrs Horn you asked for it!” Here’s a piece from a ‘50s American TV program – answering viewers questions . . . well, kinda. 

Add some creative editing (have they turned Makaha into a left?), some pioneering surf photography by Don James, four hellmen on balsa boards, and well . . . see for yourself.

“Dive into the thrilling world of Hawaiian surfing with this breathtaking footage from Makaha Beach, featuring some of the best big wave surfers of the 1950s (Walter Hoffman, Hobie Alter, Frank Donahue) largest waves ever captured on film. Responding to Mrs. Horn's request from Ashland, Ohio, our cameraman Don James captures the essence of this breathtaking sport during a rare occurrence of storm surf, where waves reach heights of up to 35 feet. This video showcases the skill and bravery of top surfers as they navigate these massive, treacherous waves.

"Filmed using innovative techniques including telephoto lenses for beach close-ups, waterproof cameras for water-level shots, and onboard cameras for a surfer's-eye view, this film offers a unique perspective on the daring and artistry of surfing. Experience the raw power and beauty of the sea as these surfers ride the giant waves, demonstrating extraordinary balance and footwork. Mrs. Horn, you asked for it, and here are some of the most incredible surfing moments from Makaha Beach.”


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