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Image 1 for 100% of current WSL surfers tested have Exotosis (Surfers Ear)

Before: Tom Carroll after his second ear surgery.

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With Creatures “SurfEars”.

100% of current WSL surfers tested have Exotosis (Surfers Ear)

23 October 18

Preliminary findings from a study carried out on a number of the world's current professional surfers by the Water Base Research Unit at Bond University show that 100% of high level surfers suffer from some level of auditory exostosis, or Surfer's Ear. 

The likelihood of Surfer's Ear drops slightly in recereational surfers, but it's easy to conclude that as wetsuit technology improves and people can surf in cold weather for longer periods of time, infections and cases of Surfer's Ear will continue to rise, leading to an increase in the need for medical attention and ear surgery to repair damage. 

The Water Base Research Unit comprised of Doctor Vini Simas, Associate professor Mike Climstein, professor Wayne Hing and Associate professor Rodney Pope conducted the survey for a paper published in the Medical Journal of Australia, and found that all but one had auditory exotosis in both ears, despite only one of them having ever been previously diagnosed. The remaining subject had auditory exotosis in one ear. Do the maths, and Surfer's Ear didn't miss a single tested surfer.

Dr Simas said simple measures like keeping your ear canal warm and dry with ear plugs could potentially halt the progress of surfer’s ear, but most surfers don’t realise they have the condition.

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