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Just a Story
By Mark Onorati

In the never-ending quest to show our beloved readers something different, we could have no better playmate than Mark Onorati. Ever-innovative photos from crazy angles and positions around Sydney's Northern Beaches accompanied by wise and wry words about the shot set-ups and things in general make this a great opener for this photo-rich issue.

The Space Between
Photos by Andy Staley

This is the first time we've had a spread of Andy's work and like Mark, he's not one for hammering away on the motor-drive but takes his time pursuing the unique and off-beat. Another fresh look at the surfing experience combined some appropriately poetic oceanic lyrics from some of our favourite songwriters.
A Place in the Sun
By Jo Kennett

Committed shortboarder Jo Kennett met Joe Larkin for the first time while campaigning to save Hastings Point from over development and was so taken by the pioneering boardbuilder and legend larrikin that she just had to write about him. We already know plenty about Joe but Jo was able to elicit some new gems and craft another enjoyable and entertaining yarn about one of surfing's great characters. Terrific old and current photos of the man and his boards - and his equally legendary dog Jim Spriggs.

Bird's Glass Temple
By Chris Ahrens

Chris is surf journo royalty and we don't have the space to list all his credits but let's just say he's written for or edited every major surf magazine in the world including PLB in the Chris Bystrom days. Here he has a chat with Eric "Bird" Huffman, a lifetime surf industry figure from San Diego who, disillusioned with the direction surf retail was taking, tossed it in to open Bird's Surf Shed housing up to 1200 boards of all ages and types. Museum, library, temple, grassroots commercial venture, it's all happening at the Shed. Bird says it's his way of helping to keep San Diego surf culture alive and vibrant and he's clearly a man worth listening to.

Lens Flair
Continuing the photographic emphasis in this issue, here's another 8 pages of classic photos from our sources around the world. Oz, Japan, Southern California, Indo - we got it!

By Lucy Small

Not sure if he ever actually went there but in 1976 that popular singer B. Dylan wrote: "I like to spend some time in Mozambique, the sunny sky is aqua blue etc." The very adventurous journalism student and longboarder Lucy Small dropped into Mozambique for a week a little while back and was seduced by the place so much that she stayed over three months. Conditions far more uncomfortable than your standard surf trip but the rewards were numerous - great waves, friendly people and as Lucy says, a country that is "a perfect blend of chaos and splendour."

The Young Wave Hunters
Compiled by Bob Smith

In 1965 Victorian lads John Trivett and Ron Christie drove their distinctly decorated Kombi aboard a ship bound for Europe to begin a year-long surfari circling the globe. In this final instalment we pick them up in California - broke but stoked and heading for Hawaii and finally home.


Page Three Girl

Kirra Innes, loving life at Wooloweyah on the NSW North Coast.
The Buzz
Tabeling, Sardinia,  Dibben, Cyclone Ruby, Chelsea the Champ and a bunch of other stuff you're not going to find anywhere else.
Grey Guru
You'd think that at this time in his life the GG would be relaxing with a cold pressed juice and some organic quinoa salad, but he was gently persuaded to undertake one last important mission to convince Lithuania to join the ISC so that surfing can continue its expansion across the world and eventually achieve Olympic status. How'd he go? How'd you reckon? It's the GG after all.
Blow Hole
Reviews of Rusty Miller's latest coffee table tome, surf fiction by Mark Morgan, and NZ Surf by Warren Hawke.



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