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Leaving Behind Monocultures of the Mind
We were surely wondering how things were going to pan out when photographer Simon Williams floated that he was putting together a mixed crew for a Maldives boat trip; male, female, longboards, short, hybrids, and that he'd be doing a shoot for Hungarian Playboy while at sea (Pardon?!)

Along with two European Playmates and a bunch of blokes, Lauren Hill and her partner Dave Rastovich were on the boat and she agreed to write about it for us. With degrees in Environmental and Social Science, Lauren is renowned internationally as an activist in marine conservation and gender politics and as a leader in developing projects that focus on empowering women and girls through surfing. So you'd imagine this could well have been a pretty different trip for her. (Not to mention the guys.) Anyway, off they all went, had a grand old time, the waves were clean-as, Swilly nailed his Playboy shoot, and Lauren delivered a beautifully diplomatic essay celebrating diversity in surfing and life in general.

The surf shots of Bryce Young, Ellis Erickson, Nick Jones, Asher Pacey, Lauren and Rasta are quite bonkers really, and there are even a couple of shots of the Playmates Sylvi Bodi and Janni Honscheid surfing rather well . . . what a funny ol' trip!

Woody's Composites
Outta Peregian Beach and just 19 years old, photographer Woody Gooch has one of the freshest eyes (and coolest names) in the biz, and we're rapt to have a bunch of his fave water and land shots from the past six months spread over 10 pages.

Woody's been shooting a lot for Deus in Indonesia lately, with Deus boss Dustin Humphrey (a celebrated surf photog himself) stating, "Woody is the Truth. I've been waiting for someone to emerge over the last few years with that something special. Woody has his own style and a strong conviction on how he wants to shoot, and he thinks about composition which is rare these days."

Some surf shots simply record action while others seem to invite the viewer in to the scene before them - maybe it's in the angles, the light, the textures and while Woody says he doesn't set out to do the latter and simply shoots what he sees, it's some eye he has. Check it out.
Brothers Three
Off to the mind-snapping Telo Islands we go with current and two-times World Champ Harley Ingleby and Aussie Champs Jared Neal and Dane Pioli. And while they unapologetically admit to thriving on flogging someone in a 20-minute heat, scratch any one of them and you'll find a true soul surfer underneath. In two-foot waves or ten one fin, two, three fins or four Harley, Jared and Dane are among the most versatile yet unaffected, no-bullshit Aussie surfers you could ever hope to meet.

They've been spending a lot of time up there on the equator recently and in the process collected a bunch of extraordinary surf shots from various sources. "How about you write some words to go with them?" we suggested. And so they did, all three, and within a week! We were stunned, not that the words were good, but in that they did it at all. And it's great stuff very personal accounts of friendship, of growing up obsessed with longboarding, and how they've ended up where they have, ie. happy chappies.

The Young Wave Hunters
Two issues back we ran the European leg of John Trivett and Ron Christie's round-the-world 1965 surfari in their distinctive Westphalen Kombi, and here we pick up with them as they do North America.

Wide-eyed and easy-going, the Victorian lads just slotted in all over the States and were taken in by Marge Calhoun, Greg Noll, Robert August, Bruce Brown, Tom Keck, Tom Moorey and other surf stars of that golden era, not to mention Ricky Nelson, hordes of school girls, Mexican coppers, Southern good ol' boys and pistol-toting New Yorkers!

Compiled by Bob Smith from John's diaries and photos that have been stashed away unseen for 50 years, it's a '60s time capsule and a quite a trip! (Next issue: Hawaii or Bust)


Page Three Girl

Jennypher Sorbier from WA has a degree in environmental and marine science and works up north on Barrow Island as an Enviro Advisor for oil and gas companies, "mainly looking after turtles haha". It's a fly-in, fly-out gig so she also gets to spend plenty of time surfing around WA and Indo. What a life.
The Buzz
From groms to gurus The Buzz is pretty packed this issue: Magoo, Doc Pascowitz, Midget, Westerly Windina, John Mantle, Palmy Logs, Byron Fest, and a couple of kitchen sinks.
Grey Guru
While the G-20 Summit was getting all the headlines in Brisbane, the Guru staged his GG-20 Surfing Summit for the world's leaders up at Noosa: drinking games, keys-in-the-bowl swinging, massive delusions and tow surfing Barry Obama supplied the choppers, Vlad Putin the vodka and nuclear powered jet-skis.
Cutting Edge
Cammo reviews Aloha to Zen, the fascinating and witty alphabet book by artist Fern Lervack a big handsome publication of doodling run riot, with a philosophical core to support its grand sub-title "The Art of Surfing and Living on Earth".

John Borthwick is a nationally renowned travel writer in major "straight" newspapers and magazines and we're rapt to have him come slumming in PLB simply 'cause he absolutely loved Phil Jarratt's new book Bali: Heaven and Hell and was itching to write a review of it. Yay!



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