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10 for Enthusiasm
Bali's back! It never really went away, but had become such a cliché that it was a bit embarrassing to admit to still liking the place. But it's cool again, at least a part of it is, and that part revolves around the creative hub that Dustin Humphrey has built at Canggu, or "Expatria" for the number of Westerners who  now appear to live there.

Socal longboard professor, Devon Howard, this year was invited to compete in the Deus 9ft and Single Log Fest held as part of the four-day event based out of the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm at said Canggu.

Devon gives his view on how comp longboarding has, via the Vans Duct Tape Invitationals and the Deus Log Fest, returned to highlighting and rewarding the classic skills of style, flow, footwork and control. All buffed out with great logging shots of the girls and guys.
Quintal and Quiver
Hands up those who know the name of the most successful competitor so far in the Vans Duct Tapes Invitational. One hand raised but JT would know wouldn't he? Initially though Joel Tudor wasn't at all interested in having relatively unknown Floridian Justin Quintal in the event, but he was ultimately persuaded and the new boy went on to win not only that one but four others.

Justin talks us through ten of the favourite boards in his quiver with action shots by veteran lensman Chris Klopf.
Midget: The Title, the Trophy 50 years on
Midget's win in the 1964 World Titles is still arguably the most significant event in our surf history. The timing was perfect and the win, 50 years ago now, made Midget an instant celebrity, both in and out of the surfing world.

In acknowledgment of the occasion, Dawn and Jack Eden arranged for master craftsman Ross Humphries to restore the impressive (but trashed) trophy to all its former glory and Midget shares his thoughts on what it means to him today. Great photos of the trophy (yes really) and Midget then and now.
The Long and Winding Road
There'd have to be a pretty strong pull to get a rational human to leave the warm perfect waves of Noosa for the icy water of Victoria, but for Lorne original, Murray Walding, he was answering the call of home. Murray gives us a short surfing history of his hometown and an insight into the surf breaks, the characters and the lifestyle that more than justified the big move.
Bali: The Start of the Affair

Phil Jarratt has had a long and lasting love/hate relationship with The Island of the Gods since his first trip there in 1974. His recent book Bali: Heaven and Hell, takes us right back to the beginning of known Balinese history, however in this excerpt, he recounts his first experience of a Bali virtually unaffected by tourism and his adventures with the band of surfers and desperates who had opened up a path that many, in fact too bloody many, have followed.


Page Three Girl

Sierra Malia Lerback, from Honolua Bay, Maui, is right at home on powerful overhead waves.
The Buzz
You won't be able to get it out of your head so fascinated will you be by this info from around the longboarding world.
Grey Guru
You can never have too much Bali reckons the GG who was personally responsible for popularising the place as a surf destination after extracting the secret from that old sea dog and descendant of Capt'n Bligh, Ronny Ware.
Cutting Edge
Cammo reviews The Elephant in the Rooms latest take on surf music, The Finn.  What can't these blokes spell? Then Basil Wally steps up to review Stephen J. McPharland's latest eBook opus Waltzing the Plank 3, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Australian Surf Music. It's worth buying this issue of PLB just to see the cover photos on some of the more outrageous vinyl albums e.g. Screaming Bikini, The Reefers etc.



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