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The Eyrie
Mark Onorati continues to amaze. While most surf shots focus on the surfer and the wave (sure, that's the brief) he looks for an angle that shows far more about the experience, bringing the viewer into play almost as a participant. He's found a perfect spot on top of a headland from where he shoots the surfers below showing not just the beautiful waves but light, shadow, transparent water, ribbed sand banks and even Midget piloting the local surfboat! Sublime!
The Real Chelsea Williams
Chelsea Williams is Australia's most successful competitive longboarder and clearly our best. She's also been runner-up in the world titles an amazing four times. And she still hasn't got a major sponsor. Some feel that her unconventionality has held her back so it's definitely the right time to find out who the real Chelsea Williams is!
Lucy Small, a class longboarder herself, had got to know Chelsea on the contest circuit and, having proved herself a perceptive and quality writer in previous pieces for PLB, jumped at the chance to do this major profile. We think she's done a very fine job. Great photos from Simon Williams (no relation) and, as befits the subject, plenty of quirk!
Summer in South Taiwan
With our numero uno staff photographer Moonwalker now based in Taiwan you'd have to think there was something very special happening over there. Moonie keeps filing great shots of warm uncrowded quality waves of all types. While different times of the year produce some size, summer featured small to medium user-friendly perfection did we say uncrowded. In a world where just about every accessible break has crowd problems Taiwan has increasing appeal for the travelling surfer.
The Best Fest Yet
Under the influence of Cyclone Lusi, Noosa turned on arguably the best waves in its history and the contestants obliged with outstanding performances. Star-studded fields and plenty of fresh faces made it almost as enjoyable for spectators as for those getting a crack at perfect Noosa with only five others out. Lucy Small again sums it all up while Ian Borland, Moonie, Andrew Carruthers, Nico Beighton and Robbie Warden provide copious visuals.
I Rode in a Jeep
A couple of days before the Noosa Fest, contest organiser Phil Jarratt and the guys from Cricks Jeep hosted an unusual event 40 miles up the beach for eight surfers covering four different disciples bodysurfing, finless, shortboard and longboard. Shaping legend and all-round surf guru Bill Tohurst was on the judging panel and was happy to bash off a little piece for us. It's got more than a few "Billy" insights in it.
This Rincon Life
Photographer Paul Greene and writer Dryden Brown are a couple of 18 year old friends and real good surfers from Santa Barbara, who seem pretty intense and particularly dedicated to their craft for guys so young. Paul had emailed a bunch of moody, beautifully lit photos from Rincon, so we asked if he knew anyone who could add some text. Three days later, 1000 words landed in the inbox from his mate Dryden, and while it's about surfing in general and Rincon in particular, it touches on deeper concepts and is just a pretty extraordinary piece of writing really. Both say they've found what they want to do and are into it for life. Impressive!
The Young Wave Hunters
The exploits of early surf pioneers Peter Troy, Rennie Ellis and Ron Perrott in the '60s have been well documented but not so the journey by Victorians John Trivett and Ron Christie through Europe, Canada, Mexico and Hawaii then down to mainland USA in a uniquely decorated Westphalen Kombi in 1965. Surf historian Bob Smith puts the record straight, highlighted by some classic photos of the Kombi in unlikely places, like the London business district. All photos are from John's private collection.
Be sure to also check out the follow-up in the next issue with "California Here We Come".


Page Three Girl

Mischa Davis from Piha on the west coast of the North Island in NZ. Mischa's a great surfer who now has degrees in both Law and Geography making her the perfect candidate to be the successful environmental lawyer she plans to be.
The Buzz
A thought-provoking opinion piece by life-time shaper Grant Miller on the increasing prevalence of volume as an issue in surfboard design and marketing; PT in Seppoville; the World Log Riding Exhibition; The Oz Longboard Open and lots of facts to amaze and enthral.
Grey Guru
Two greats come together when the GG looks up that other charismatic character Corky Carroll at Casa de Surf in La Saladita in Mexico, of course.
Cutting Edge
Fast becoming the reason why more and more readers are starting at the back of the mag, features Camo's review of Uncharted Waters, The Personal History of Wayne Lynch and continues with an extended interview; John Witzig reviews Surfing Down South, a surfing history of the SW corner of WA and Navin chimes in with an update on the latest Paddleair Ergo with a hood!



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