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El Magnifico
A glimpse into the extraordinary life of Felipe Pomar. Only the codger brigade remembers the World Championship win by the Peruvian when he beat our heroes Midget and Nat in 1965, but we should all pay attention to the example he's shown since then. Seventy now, and alcohol and drug free since he was 19, Felipe reckons he'll surf till he's 90 and beyond and you'd better believe him given he's still charging on Hawaiian and Indo power. It's been an incredibly adventurous life and Andy Mac gets the drum, plus some great pics of Felipe over the years. Andy is now working on a book about the great Peruvian and it'll be big!

Mistress of the South
Lee Considine is more than a little in love with his local break on Victoria's Surf Coast and he's put together a collection of his favourite shots featuring the spot and many of its regulars in all her chilly glory. She's very pretty.

Loggers at Loggerheads
Logging or performance? Most of us reckon it's all pretty good as long as we're in the water, but it's become something of an issue for those who take these things very seriously, and camps seemed to have formed on both sides. During the last election just about everyone seemed to have a fact-checking unit so here at Longboard Central Intelligence we thought the very eminent Phil Jarratt might be just the expert to fact-check the claims on both sides. Read his reasons and verdict and then amaze your friends with your grasp of this topic when it next comes up. As it will!

Midway to Where?
There are some who say the Mid North Coast of NSW missed out when they were handing out A-class surfing spots but photographer Ben McGrath thinks otherwise and provides some graphic evidence to support his case.

Taking Stock
Isn't it great that summer's here and most of us in boardies? It's more comfortable then to check out this story by Shaun Wallbank about a surf trip a group of Taswegians took with their quadriplegic mate and keen surfer Cameron "Stocky" Irwin. The boys scored small perfect barrels at a number of spots and pushed "Stocky" into plenty as well. The sun was out, the water was crystal, but we still know how cold it must have been. Photos by Stu Gibson capture that very different Tassie feel.

Redemption Songs
Two short compelling fiction pieces by Graham Ballard and Tony Gates that came to us months apart and independently, but which both tell a personal story about how surfing can turn your life around.

The Byron Fest
Three days of Peace, Surf and Happiness. The Byron Bay Surf Festival is sure building some momentum after just three years. Sunny skies and crisp little Wategos waves drew crowds to the water, while there was plenty happening on the shore including art, fashion, music and legend-spotting. Taylor Miller gives the goss.


Page Three Girl
Kaitlin Maguire, is 25, from Encinitas CA, is studying to be a physical therapist and charges!

The Buzz
How would we know what was going on in the US without PT's Report from Seppoville, plus plenty more, particularly the 62nd PLB subscriber board winner!

Grey Guru
The GG kills two birds with one stone (as he does) and combines a surf trip to Bali with giving the benefit of his wisdom to the world leaders at APEC.

Cutting Edge
Plenty of reviews for the silly season: More Stoked, the second episode of the Bob McTavish story; Serendipity, a DVD on the life of Maldives pioneer Anthony Hussein Hinde; Russia the film by Burkhard and Weiland, and Say No More, a women's longboarding DVD by Taylor "Birdman" Larison.



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