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Western Java
Indo is far more than the crowd-magnets of the Bukit and the Mentawaii, as Harrison Roach discovered when he and Thomas Bexon were invited by resident-photog-guru Dustin Humphrey to a log-friendly haven on the west coast of Java. They found Noosa-like perfection along with a couple of local longboard stars in Husni and Deni - exceptional shots by PLB newcomer Anthony Dodds, words by Harrison.

The Quiet American
Although a two-time world champ, Taylor Jensen hasn't garnered the sort of media coverage the cool-cat loggers have had over the last couple of years. A "man out of time perhaps?" Not at all, 'cos Taylor is an incredibly talented and versatile surfer who can slash and carve but also style and cruise on all types of equipment BIG waves or small. Taylor usually lets his surfing do the talking but here he opens up to Andrew Carruthers on his background and where he thinks longboarding is, or should be, heading. A diverse selection of shots over recent years show just how good the Lanky Yank really is.

Shaken not Stirred
No not Sean Connery's favourite tipple but an accurate description of a place James Bond would have admired for its resilience in the face of disaster the Christchurch Region. Warren Hawke contributes this vignette on longboarding along the north-east coastline of New Zealand's South Island where cold-resistant maniacs (hey we're in Qld!) fight back after the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 to not only continue their chilly pursuits but also make a significant contribution to the local community. Quality waves too!

Postcard from the Philippines
In a surfing world that gets smaller every day with increasing numbers of travelling surfers utilizing the budget airfares on offer, the Philippines seems like a destination that should receive heaps of media and commercial attention but here in PLB magland the silence has been deafening. The surfing sequences of Apocalypse Now might have been filmed at Charlie's Point on the east coast of Luzon and intrepid travellers have been coming since the '60s, but info on when to go and what to do there has been hard to come by. PLB and Jonathon Redman to the rescue! Jonathan has all the inside drum and shares it generously.

Noosa Nias & Beyond - Final
In this final instalment of Wonderful Wendy Adcock's epic first journey with Peter Troy, our intrepid heros complete the final leg of the African trip across the Serengeti, through Burundi, Rwanda, Mali, up the Zaire River (shades of Heart of Darkness) to the ocean at Ghana and across the Sahara, then eventually to Algeria before ill health forced her to return home. Who needs Indiana Jones when we have Wendy?

P.S. No correspondence will be entered into by PLB about the order of the aforesaid African nations. They're almost certainly out of logistical sequence but sadly we've never been there and someone stole the office Atlas. Wendy knows it all though so improve your education and read this!

Lens Flair
Five huge double spread of exceptional surf photography!


Page Three Girl
Kirra Perry from Scotts Head won the local yearly Loggerheads championship against all the blokes when she was 15 and has only got better since.

The Buzz
PT from Seppoville, shark stories, body surfing and a big send-off for Albie Thoms.

Grey Guru
When Jack McCoy had a huge movie night to show A Deeper Shade of Blue to everyone who mattered in Hawaii at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, who did he call to make sure it went off without a hitch? The GG of course, but did everything go to plan?

Cutting Edge
Books, books and more books for you bookworms. Reviews of three very different publications, The South Seas - New Zealand's Best Surf by Craig Levers and Brent Courtney, Noosa - Surfing the '60s by Stuart Scott, and The Plight of the Torpedo People by Chris Burkhard.



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