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Shaped by Eden Saul and designed with Sean Tully, the 9'7" x 23 3/8" x 3" Summer Babe evolved over a year-long summer between East Coast Australia and West Coast California.

A full-time shaper out of Lennox and the Gold Coast for over 10 years, Eden now spends half of each year in California. "It's good times but a lot of work. I've been really lucky to be surfing, working and hanging out with some insanely talented people. Been making boards for a lot of girls . . . Kassia Meador who's surfing as good as I've ever seen, that woman blows my mind constantly. Kelia Moniz too and I'm a big fan, I've got a model with Erin Ashley (TwoStep), and shape for Victoria Vergara, Jen Smith and Leah Dawson. Young Ivy Thomas from the Goldie is doing alright also. On the other side, Devon Howard has a couple, including an 11'11" he surfs beautifully, Sean Tully, Lachlan Leckie, and been doing some fun boards for Owen Wright, Matty Wilko, Mitch Colebourne and bunch of crew.
"The Summer Babe is built for critical noserides, it's fast and drivey from the front 1/3 yet still loose for plenty of jive and smooth arcs off the back. With a long blended concave up front and a scoop in the tail on the deck it's a versatile and dynamic board that just keeps giving."

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