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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

This contest is exclusively for pre-1968 longboards and modern single fin logs. On Saturday 11 November 2017, Palm Beach Longboarders is hosting its annual Palmy Old Mal Rally at Palm Beach on Sydney's northern beaches.

Palmy President Pete English says – "This year the Old Mal Log Rally is having its 21st anniversary. That makes it one is one of the longest running events of its type in the country. Since we added log events to the old mal format a couple of years ago, we have attracted a lot of young loggers which has broadened its appeal. It has a great reputation amongst the old mal and log devotees."

This year's event is filling quickly via social media and word of mouth. It features surfers from all over the state including former event winners Matt Chojnacki , Lawrence Harkness, Jack Norton, Jace Pioli, Justin Bevan, Johnny Gill and Kai Ellice-Flint and old hands Bruce Channon from Palm Beach, Paul O'Grady from Manly and Wollongong's Billy Morris. Critical Slide rider Tom Payne, a previous junior winner Declan Wyton and Palmy member Keyo Rhodes are ones to watch. Roisin Carolan won the ladies event in 2016. The 2017 ladies winner was Tully White.

72 competitors will contest Open Old Mal, Over 40 Old Mal, Open Log, Junior Log and a Ladies event. The first heat will start at 6.30 and the last final is scheduled for 4.30. There's an all-day BBQ, music, vintage cars, vintage boards and waves all day.  There are a few places in each event still open.

There is a 500 ticket raffle (tickets $5 each or 10 for $40) with 3 prizes – a 9'4" Log being made by Steve O'Donnell for the event, a week at Vanimo Surf Lodge in PNG and a long weekend at Moby's at Blueys Beach. Johnnie Gill is donating at Keyo duffle bag as a competitor draw prize. For tickets contact: peter.english@surrypartners.com.au

Thank you to sponsors, Naked Wines, HeartSmart, Vanimo Surf Lodge, O'Donnell Surfboards, Young Henrys, Keyo Canvas, McTavish, Ramsden Constructions, The Critical Slide Society and Pacific Longboarder.

A short film of last year's event filmed and edited by Chappo Productions is VID HERE

About our sponsors:

Heartsmart is an online resource which provides information and products related to heart health. Almost 40% of all deaths in first world countries are directly caused, or related to cardio vascular disease. Information on diet and lifestyle, plus access to easy-to-use blood testing services, combined with heart health supplements is available in one place – www.heartsmart.me Heartsmart is based at Newport Beach in Sydney and is right at home promoting a quality surfing event like the 2017 Palmy Old Mal Log Rally that appeals to a range of ages and lifestyles. Thanks guys – we will be sure to have some healthy options available at the BBQ!

Naked Wines
are a successful disruptor in the Australian wine industry. Over the past four years Naked Wines has developed a successful crowd funded model and online platform to sell wine made by independent Australian winemakers. The production is supported by Naked Wines and with funds provided by members of the public (Angels) who have the opportunity to buy those wines at a discounted price. Sounds good, huh? You could become an Angel. They also have winemakers that surf and, no doubt, Angels that surf too. We should catch up! Check them out. www.nakedwines.com.au

O'Donnell Surfboards founder Steve O'Donnell will back up this year at the OMLR as Head Judge. Steve has also donated his considerable time and talent to shape a "beach log" (9'4" x23" x 18 ½" x 16 Ό" x 3") as a key raffle prize. Steve has 3 riders who are continuing to benefit from his shaping skill and knowledge – Lawrence Harkness (2016 Old Mal winner), World Surf League pro-longboarder Jack Entwhistle and runner up in the Open Division of the 2017 Aussie Titles, Declan Wyton. www.odonnellsurfboards.theseacreative.com/steve-odonnell

TCSS (The Critical Slide Society) was created as platform to promote an alternative culture of independent surf & and the creative community that surrounds it. Founder Jim Mitchell says: "The Old Mal Log Rally has always been one of my favourite days in the surfing calendar. I'm happy that TCSS is able to contribute to this iconic event, it's a great chance to reconnect with the community and catch up with some old salty mates." Thank you guys for your ongoing support. www.thecriticalslidesociety.com

Keyo Canvas - Today the iconic Keyo Surfboards brand is headed up by Denny Keyo's son in law, Johnny Gill, who is an accomplished surfer and passionate designer and seamster. Designed to last a lifetime, the Keyo Canvas collection is crafted using high quality Australian canvas and heavy duty hardware. Channeling a vintage military and old Navy aesthetic, the range includes a collection of ruggedly tailored soft luggage pieces each designed and stitched by Johnny himself. Jonny has donated a top of the range duffle bag for the 2017 OMLR as a competitor draw prize. www.keyointernational.com

Established in 2011, Vanimo Surf Lodge provides a unique surfing experience on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. With tropical conditions, a variety of breaks, wide swell windows and small crowds, PNG has a lot to offer. Vanimo Surf Lodge has again offered a week's accommodation package as a key raffle prize for the 2017 Palmy Old Mal Rally.  "I say it each year, you guys have one of the best vibe comps of the year and finish it off with fun and in style (beers and prawns) LOL!!!" Dave – MD Vanimo Surf Lodge. www.vanimosurflodge.com

McTavish Surfboards is a natural fit for the Palmy Old Mal Log Rally. McTavish are providing merch for the competitors and may have some of their riders in this years' event. Sponsored riders Matt Chojnacki and Roisin Carolan are previous winners. www.mctavish.com.au

Young Henry's started brewing beer in Newtown in March 2012 and are seriously on a roll. They have kindly offered to provide refreshments for the thirsty competitors. Young Henrys are into music, art and – now – surfing. They've just put in a distillery, so keep an eye out for some quality moonshine! www.younghenrys.com

Pacific Longboarder
- "Girls to gurus, groms to hairy backs: logs, multi-fins, fish, guns, fin-free, hulls & hybrids - they're all in the PLB mix. It's all surfing, it's all good." www.pacificlongboarder.com

Ramsden Constructions are builders that know their stuff. Principal Chris Ramsden has donated at Moby's experience. Mobys Beachside Retreat is deluxe accommodation option for those who like surfing quality mid north coast breaks that include Blueys and Boomerang Beach. Ramsden Constructions is offering an accommodation package for those lucky enough to get a raffle ticket at or prior to the event. www.mobys.com.au
  - Enquiries:  Peter English  - peter.english@surrypartners.com.au


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