Wednesday, 16 August 2017

That happy bloke is our 76th Australian subscriber board winner Garry Parmenter - an HR guy from Victoria's Mornington Peninsula and he was just a little rapt to score the Outer Island SuperMal.

This is the model shaper Mitchell Rae rates as his "desert island board", and given the Peninsula can deliver some serious southern surf it's definitely a top stretch of southern coast for such a tuned eight-footer.

Says Mitchell: "If I had to chose one board this is it. At 8'0" x 21 ½" x 2 ¾" it's a balanced design for broad-range performance. And I shape them right through the size range. There's a forward trim spot where the board will motor at top speed, you can tube ride and climb and drop, thread the barrel using the spiral chine entry.

From the tail, you can carve tight arcs, crack the lip, do shortboard cutbacks and s-turns . . . from the middle you can draw elegant lines, do old school rail turns, feel the power and glide . . .

"The SuperMal will ride everything from beachies to Ulu barrels, you always have the right board, whatever the ocean is offering. And these designs will ride real waves where mortal mals fear to go, and I always have one in my quiver."

And now there's one in yours Garry!

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