Mike Willmot, a commanding cross-foot and off for a stroll. Pic: Warren Hawke/surferswall.com

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Hosted by the New Brighton Longboarders, the 2017 Malfunction was a ripper! A dodgy start with The Pier being a super messy onshore with a marathon paddle meant we relocated to Scarborough. A fun 2/3 ft swell with cleanish waves, so we got into it.

The Over 40's, Under 40's and Over 55's first rounds were done with plenty of close heats, before heading into the semis. The busy lineup meant a few close calls and drop-ins, which added a bit of extra excitement into the proceedings!

With the waves still running and the sun even threatening to peek through the clouds, we got into the finals. Plenty of tight heats ensued with competitors pushing each other and the lead swapping back and forwards.
 With the finals done and dusted, the event wrapped up back at the clubrooms - with the prizing giving and best of all the prize draw!

Lucky Mal winner this year was Seb Johnson, who looked pretty stoked with the Strive Incitor.

Many thanks to; ExitSurf as main sponsor providing the mal and spot prizes; Quiksilver New Brighton for the towel prizes; Dave Poyner and Mark Calcutt for the amazing trophies; Stew McNeice for the juice; Lewis Joyce for organising and leading the judging; North Wai and Sumner Longboarders for supporting the event and helping out; Warren Hawke/Surferswall.com for the great photos and last but not least Lesley for getting the clubrooms in shape.

  - Report by Mark Bishop
  - Photos by www.surferswall.com

The finals placings:

Under 40's
1. William Wallace
2. Henry Hawke
3. Seb Johnson
4. Todd Gibson

Over 40's
1. Mike Pimm
2. Grant Cohrane
3. Mark Robberds
4. Steve Tyro

Over 55's
1. Paul Bennett
2. Mike Pimm
3. Mike McGoverne
4. Dean Cooke

Open Women's
1. Tegen Bishop
2. Brittany Andrews
3. Lilly Robertson
4. Lucy Johnson
5. Fritha Davis

Open Men's
1. William Wallace
2. Mike Willmot
3. Henry Hawke
4. Dylan Wood

He’s everywhere! Expat Kiwi Mike Pimm, back from Oz and into the chill. Pics: Warren Hawke / surferswall.com
Over 55s winner Paul Bennett – whack!


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