Nancy and Tara at the launch of Everything I Know About Dating I Learned From Surfing

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New book from Nancy Spooner Bsharah, via the San Diego Surf Ladies: A local surfer discovered a connection between surfing and dating and decided to write a book about it.  Author Nancy Spooner Bsharah along with co-author Tara Brouwer created the charming book, “Everything I Know About Dating I Learned From Surfing.”
“The book came about because I had just gone through a divorce and had to start learning how to date again in my mid 30s,” said Bsharah.

“I had also just learned to surf thanks to an all girls trip to El Salvador. And I joined San Diego Surf Ladies (SDSL) so I was out in the water a lot and I started making a correlation that surf tips also sounded like dating tips.”

“You know-- The hardest part is getting out there; they are not always going to come to you, sometimes you have to paddle over there and get it; it's good to have patience and not take the first wave of the set just because you were tired of waiting; Don’t always believe your friends when they say, “Go for it!”; oh, and it is not cool to steal someone else's wave!”

Bsharah started keeping a journal and was joking that someday she would write a book.

“My boyfriend at the time (now husband), Al, thought the book was a fantastic idea and he kept pushing me to write it,” said Spooner Bsharah.

Spooner Bsharah was introduced to the future co-author of the book, Tara Brouwer, through a mutual friend at a networking event.

“She knew that we were both entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts and loved to surf so she thought we would get along. We hit it off right away!” said Bsharah.

One day following a surf session with Brouwer, Bsharah made a comment that a man in the water had just written another quote for her book. Brouwer then asked, "What book?”

Bsharah explained that, for the past few years that she had been surfing, she’d also been keeping a journal of quotes and advice she received while learning to surf and how it was similar to dating advice.

“When I told her what I was thinking she got very excited and said she wanted to design the book,” said Bsharah. “I can't even draw stick figures so I was excited.”

The book became a personal project for the two - through writing, rewriting and sharing stories. Brouwer designed the books illustrations while Bsharah took on the role of business and administration. With some help from a campaign, the book was completed in 2012.

“All of the stories in the book are true dating stories from both Tara's (Brouwer) and my past,” said Bsharah. “Names have been changed to protect the innocent (and not so innocent!)”

The book features quotes accompanied by personal dating stories and is beautifully illustrated.

It is for sale in various design and gift shops around Southern California, Florida and Hawaii. It is also available on Amazon. And of course the team loves it when people buy directly; either face-to-face or on their website here

Nancy Bsharah resides in Del Mar Heights with her husband Al and their 18-month-old Jordan. A graduate of SDSU, she has over twenty years of experience in the television and live-event industry and founded her own company, Tempo Live Events, Inc. She can usually be found with her girlfriends surfing at 11th Street, Scripps and a secret spot in North County.

Tara Brouwer is owner of Shovel Creative, a design agency in Solana Beach. She has followed her own advice and recently become engaged and is looking forward to her summer wedding.

About San Diego Surf Ladies

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  - Source: Danielle Black Lyons, SDSL Public Relations Coordinator


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