Dean Morrison on a wave voted one of the 10 heaviest of the 21st Century

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Moviemaker Tim Bonython talks BIG stuff: After showing surf movies on the big screen since 1981 we now are about to embark on our 12th national tour of Amaysim ASMF Presented by GoPro.

Yep, kind ole school style where the film maker (me) takes this adventure film festival on the road. Where I present the show to the audience & we give away door prizes in the intermission.

Sometimes i wonder how many surf stories can be bundled into one year but just when we think the season is done, BANG! there's another swell to chase.

ASMF 11 toured in January & February this year and within weeks of it finishing i was invited on a mission down to a place I have been longing to document, Pedra Branca, 27 kilometers south east of Tasmania.

It's out in the middle of the ocean where two huge rocks sit. The wave that breaks off this place is monstrous. On a given day Pedra can dish out one of the biggest most dangerous waves on the planet. This was the case back in April where Tasmanian James Hollmer- Cross was almost killed riding a 60 foot beast. Its taken him months of recovery but finally he's back in the water.

The footage of the actual wave is now been locked in as a definitive wave used in the Hollywood Blockbuster POINT BREAK 2 that will be released internationally next July. So my audience will see a sneak preview of the story of what happened to James in that moment on that day.

Then there was a early trip to one of my favorite slabs (a serious lump of water that hits a very shallow reef that creates a very serious barrel/tube) called the RIGHT down
Australian Surf Movie Festival on our 12th national tour in South West, Western Australia. This place is like no other and on the right conditions it can make the biggest barrel on the planet. EasGood Friday we went down with Mark Mathews, Ryan Hipwood and Dean Morrison. This was the biggest day documented down there, it was huge.

Then there was two trips to Shipsterns Bluff in Tasmania. Then in August it was back to the Right where I was to take the up & coming big wave surfing star Russell Bierke. I also had to incorporate a shoot for Redbull with Mark Mathews & Taj Burrow.

Then in September i am invited to got to Tahiti shoot for POINT BREAK 2. When we weren't shooting the stunt doubles in the film, I had the opportunity to shoot the general surfers on what was the best day of the year. Back in Australia there was a trip back to WA where over three days we documented 3 incredible spots. One called Cow Bombie down near Margaret River, then we got a call from a friend who has a plane that was willing to fly us 15 hours north of Perth to a spot called Gnaraloo where we returned on the same day. The following day we jumped onto his speed boat where the boys surfed an aggressive reef break off Rottness Island.

In late September finally a big swell formed under Australia which created a monster swell to Fiji. So I rallied up the best Aussie surfers I could and headed to Tavarua. Cloudbreak had monster surf with one wave talked up as the biggest wave ever surfed at Cloudbreak by a local Fijian surfer. South Coast of NSW surfer Paul Morgan rode a wave that he stated as his best wave ever! Finally we are half way through editing ASMF 12 and another swell forms and heading directly towards Shipsterns Bluff. So once again I pack my cameras and head south.
 - Author: Tim Bonython


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