Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Kym from Australia's cool little surf hardware company See You Out There has had some on-going balance problems lately caused by an unwanted lurgy. Missing the surf big time, she got to work on the Surf Cruiz Aider - with the main idea being to help out all those former surfers who can't really get in the water and seriously miss it, and let them get that feeling again that only a surfer  understands.

The Surf Cruiz Aider comes with handles (as an extra balance aid), but also works brilliantly without, ie. it can smoothy cruise and fully carve.

Say’s Kymie, “I was watching my surf buddy here in the photo trying to get his balance on his newly purchased skateboard, he was soo entertaining, and it made me think if the board were bigger it would be better for those with neuro or balance issues. Turns out it’s incredibly so. And overall it’s really just a fun balance board for everyone.”

“I ended up helping some guys who had never been on a board before, up and down the street - they leaned on me when the handles were not there, it was so fun! And given the size of the board, two can be on it together in tandem. And for those who can no longer to be out in the water for medical reasons, it's really designed as a gift for them. My surfboard found another use – I didn't want to part with it.”

“The wheels are the largest downhill race wheels (suggestion was for them over tyres, and that they would be perfect). I had some of the best people from surfing and skating industries give me the OK, and some great advice prior to it all being put together.”

The ever-inventive and big-hearted Kym continues: “This is the most fun thing I have created, and so far it has been at Wollongong with two surf instructors doing tandem, we've done demos at Manly, and then at Dee Why for Australia Day which was amazing with the main street closed off and some very impressive skaters pushing this to the limit!”

“It is large enough for pretty much anyone to balance on, so am really looking for anyone who wants to have a ride. I really wanted to find all those former surfers and just let them get that feeling again.”

We’ll have the video from Dee Why up in “downloads” on the PLB website, also on facebook - and you can see what the Surf Cruiz Aider can really do.

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