Lex O'Connor loving life at Tupira

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pedro O’Connor, Director of Australia boutique tour company Epic Private Journeys just returned from a week at Tupira Surf camp at Uligan Bay on the North Coast. He travelled with a group of 9 friends and family and all members of the group described their experience as a "trip of a lifetime".

The waves were some of the best they have experienced in many years: “The fact only 10 people are allowed to surf on a break as part of the SAPNG Management Plan is like stepping back into the 1970s in Australia” Pedro said. “The cultural interaction with local villagers in Tavulte and Suara was a highlight, the open friendliness of people was humbling and a highlight for all guests.

“We surfed on reef breaks that very few people have ever surfed before - unheard of on this planet in 2013.”  After surfing they gave the local children their fibreglass boards and many had never surfed anything other than their little wooden splinters so had a great time. “ It felt great to be a part of such a special occasion” he said.

 “ The local children are very gifted and athletic, surfing offers them an opportunity to stay fit and keep their minds occupied on sport. Tupira Surf Club is helping generate interest for the young people to be involved in this emerging industry for PNG. It offers employment opportunities not previously available in the remote villages on the North Coast.”

 Prior to this surfing adventure he also dived Madang Harbour with Niugini Dive Adventures and rated it among the best diving he has done anywhere in Australia, Indonesia or other locations in PNG.

Surfers at Suara.


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