The 8' Vee with jordie's posca art resin swirl. Photos: Tiphaine Flurette

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A stylin' logger who can ride anything, Jordie Brown is also one of Australia's most meticulous board builders and inspired shapers.

And we're rapt to have this one-off 8-footer as our 69th subscriber board giveaway - complete with fab artwork by Jordie himself.

A student of surf history and board design, here's Jordie's take on his inspiration behind this unique and oh-so-sweet High Tide 8-foot Vee Bottom:

"This vee bottom single fin design is inspired by the transitional long board of the late 60s. This era was one the most pivotal points in surfingís history. The leading surfer shapers of the time started cutting their long board blanks into shorter more maneuverable surf craft. With less board it allowed surfers to surf more radical out of the pocket, kick starting the short board revolution.

"At the time Bob McTavish was pushing his plastic fantastic machine to its limits on the points in Queensland, Nat Young took out the world title on his iconic board Sam, and Wayne Lynch went on to take top to bottom surfing to new limits on his early evolution vee bottom.

"In the years that followed, the progression of the surfboard moved fast and soon these mid length hotdoggers were replaced with smaller more performance orientated boards.

"Iíve always been fascinated with this point in history for the blend between progressive and traditional surfing. Although this movement to ride shorter boards was radical for the time, surfing was still very much long board orientated with nose riding, trimming and pivot turns just at a higher pace in more critical parts of the wave.

"Itís an amazing feeling when you get locked in to a good section on one of these boards and you can see how it totally changed a lot of surfers rode waves and revolutionized the surf board industry.

"Although this stick is heavily inspired by the past, like all my replicas i put my own spin on the design. I went with a more subtle rolled vee instead of a hard  vee bottom and softer 50/50 rails compared to the traditional pinched rails making the board more forgiving and gentle to surf.

"Like a lot of the original vee bottom Iíve shaped this board out of a stringerless blank to keep the board light and buoyant. Glassed to last with a heavy six once glass job full finish and polished. I took some inspiration from the psychedelic artwork of the era combining some of my posca art with a resin swirl.

"Iíve only really made a handful of board like this one and everyone whoís had a crack on one of them has had a ball. They paddle like a long board, turn like a dream and surprising enough they nose ride really well. From beginner to shredder with an open mind and the right waves this board defiantly put a smile on the lucky winners face!"

 - words by Jordie Brown

More at :
Or can phone Jordie direct on: +61 (0) 401437392

The deck - too cool. Wouldn't you love to have a wave on this?
Jordie in the bay at his High Tide factory off the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.
test driving an 8-foot Vee Bottom. Photo: Scott Wintle


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