Sasha and Boof with our 58th subscription board winner Troy “Dollar” Olive.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Here's our 58th board winner - yep we've now given away 58 top-end longboards to 58 PLB subscribers. (Maybe the Prime Minister or the Pope or somebody should give us a medal or something!)

Anyway, Over 8s Malibu Club member and 2012 Evans Head Classic Over 45s Champ, Troy Olive, was having a quiet sherbet at his local the Coraki Bowlo when we phoned to say he'd won The Pig . . . "no not a bloody ham in the raffle Troy, the Classic Malibu single-fin!"

"You're jokin' me aren't you? I ride tri-fins and love 'em, but I've been so wanting a log . . . and my family's all away for the night, I've got no-one to tell!" blubbered Troy. "I'll just have to celebrate by myself then. Can't wait to get down to Evans and tell all the boys!"

A maintenance contactor for the Housing Commision, Troy says he's happily married (to Jackie) and is the father of two teenage boys and two dogs, adding, "Geez . . . what a day, worked till 12, three beers, and then I win a new board, you guys rock!"

Well "The Pig" does anyway. Classic Malibu shaper Peter White rode similar teardrops back when he started building boards 45 years ago, and while it's based on traditional templates, Peter's tweaks make it versatile and responsive, while the curve in the rail outline towards the tail allows sweet turns and pivots. The hips also add stability and maneouvrability when on the tip, and a flatter rocker gives plenty of trim and paddle speed.

This is one glorious surfboard, and she's all yours Troy Boy.

The Classic Malibu Pig - heading south from Noosa to Evans Head and into the hands of Troy.


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