Friday, 14 December 2012

The Surf Film Festival World Tour was announced today by Ananda Media. The show will feature a selection of the best surf films and festivals from around the world and air during primetime on the Nautical Channel to more than 20 million subscribers in 37 countries including the US, Russia and many territories in Europe. Ananda Media and Wonderhouse Media have teamed up to produce the first season of the Surf Film Festival World Tour TV Show.

The Surf Film Festival World Tour is a roundup of the major surf film festivals around the globe. The show will take the viewer to over 12 international festivals across five continents in search of the year's hottest productions and producers.

Viewers will see excerpts of the winning films from each category as well as the best short film entries from each event. The show will also feature in-depth interviews with top directors and athletes in order to gain a rare insight into the world of surf media, the state of the art of surf filmmaking and global surf culture in general.

The Surf Film Festival World Tour will be the finger on the pulse of surfing cinema, and will be an entry in the Surfersvillage Awards video category in 2013.

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Ananda Media is an international distributor and producer of action and adventure sports programming for television. Ananda Media pride themselves on working with a plethora of top independent film makers, aggregators and TV Channels in order to ensure that their content offering is both unparalleled and broadcast into millions of homes around the world.

WonderHouse is a media agency specialized in video production and online marketing at the heart of the European action sports industry. Keeping abreast of the newest industry developments is what inspires us to strive for excellence, innovation and vitality in all that we do. More info at

Nautical Channel is the only international 24/7 nautical sports and lifestyle channel in the world. The channel caters to a local and worldwide audience with the best sports and lifestyle programming related to the sea. Nautical Channel is available to over 20 million subscribers in 37 countries in English, French, German and Russian. It is on over one hundred international pay TV, satellite, subscriber IpTV, mobile phone, Digital Terrestrial, MMDS and cable TV platforms. More info at

The Surfersvillage Awards purpose is to discover, encourage, and help creative and technical talent, amateur and professional, to progress and evolve in traditional and new media in the models of journalism, photography, and videography. The purpose of The Awards is to recognize and acknowledge excellence in creating content across traditional and emerging technologies, and connect diverse groups of luminaries facilitating growth and development in surf media arts & sciences, and to educate industry professionals, and public, about what is relevant in creating more successful media. The Awards is an intellectually diverse organization that includes members such as surf-industry executives and marketers, respected editors, photographers and film makers, as well as new-media gurus.


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