Stephanie Gilmore, sand styling

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Dear All,

Over the last year I have been working with Albert Falzon on the film Spirit of Akasha — a forty year celebration of Morning of the Earth. As part of the project I had Dave Parmenter make Stephanie Gilmore a single fin, to see if we could capture the spirit of Michael Peterson's lines from the original film. What transpired on the day I gave Stephanie the board, was truly remarkable.

As part of the project I'm releasing a signed and numbered, limited edition, 84 page hard-bound book documenting this part of the project. It features essays by Dave Parmenter and myself about what we were trying to achieve and an interview with Stephanie about the experience and her unique relationship with the ocean. It also features 48 pages of frame grabs from the first two sessions that I filmed.

When Albert Falzon was originally making Morning of the Earth, he was the publisher of Tracks magazine along with John Witzig and David Elfick. Albert had the idea of featuring a frame from the film of Michael Peterson on the cover of Tracks. The image of Michael doing 'the cutback' captured people's imagination and helped Albert to generate interest in his upcoming film.

History shows the image of Michael has become one of surfing's most iconic and Morning of the Earth one of surfing's most loved and revered films. Because we're making a film celebrating the spirit of what Morning of the Earth was, I wanted to mimic the way Albert released material from the original film.

I also wanted to do this independently, as back in 1970, Tracks was an independent surfing publication. As with Lost in the Ether, I wanted to make a beautiful book that was printed using sustainable materials with a limited pressing of 1000 copies.

The new book titled Single: Studies of Movement from the Stephanie Gilmore, Spirit of Akasha Sessions, is again printed this way in Australia by Arena Printing — Single, has the same look, paper stock, cover cloth and dimensions as Lost in the Ether.

The new book is the next chapter of my publishing work that I will continue to release in this way, so they become a series of books that can live together on the bookshelf. Single does not contain a film but there's no doubt that the frame grabs inside will make you want to see the new project Albert and I are working on.

Of the 1000 copies that I printed of Lost in the Ether, I have 47 copies left. It was a really successful project for me and helped me get through the year, feed my family and continue to work independently. I really want to thank you all for the support and interest in what I do.

Andrew Kidman


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