Thursday, 13 December 2012

Garage Entertainment and Jack McCoy are pleased to announce the Australia and New Zealand release date for the multi award winning film, A Deeper Shade of Blue. The 90 minute feature film focusing on Hawaiian Surf Culture, the evolution of the surfboard and the spirit of Aloha, had its theatrical release this past March-April in Australia to packed theatres and rave reviews.

The much anticipated DVD release was to be in October however due to the film's USA theatrical release Feb 7, 2013 to 300 cinemas across the USA the DVD release in Australia was held up until that premiere took place.

Garage Entertainments Managing Director Michael Lawrence said from their Fox Studios HQ, "we are extremely stoked to announce that we have set the DVD release for A Deeper Shade of Blue for February 19, 2013. However with the interest and demand we've already had for the DVD, we have decided to make pre-orders available for those who want be the first to get a copy".

"As an incentive, we will ship all pre-orders February 13, with free shipping. Those who pre-order will also go into the draw to screen A Deeper Shade of Blue at your place with the director, Jack McCoy. The winner will also receive a $550 top of the range 'WEST' steamer wetsuits " said Lawrence.

The film has won "Audience Choice" awards at two international film festivals, (Maui and Durban) as well as two "Best Documentary" categories (X-Dance and SAL).

Director Jack McCoy is really excited about this announcement. "I wish I had 20 cents for every time I have been asked 'when is the DVD coming out?' Finally we've been able to set the date for Australia. We added 14 bonus clips in the "special features" that include some sequences we couldn't fit into the film that are pretty cool, and a couple of remixes that I wanted to share. I also made a 24 page booklet acknowledging where all the historical still pictures and footage came from for easy reference."

Please go to www.garageentertainment.com.au to pre-order for yourself, or as a gift certificate for a friend. If you want a personally signed copy of the DVD from Jack, order from jackmccoy.com.

"Just want to thank everyone for their patience. I hope you'll see this as 'no wine before it's time'."


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