Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rusty Miller’s first ever book, Turning Point: Surf Portraits and Stories From Bells to Byron 1970-1971 has just been released.

The book Turning Point is a collection of rare photographs taken by Rusty of some of surfing’s most iconic characters. He has captured a fascinating era in surfing’s history. Half of the images were taken at the 1970 World Surfing Championships at Bells Beach, the other half a year later at Byron Bay/Lennox Head.  From Bells to Byron he tells the stories of each portrait, as do the people captured in the photos. This is the surf book without any photos of people surfing, except for the cover.

In collaboration with Tricia Shantz the book was put together having trawled through Rusty’s 40-year-old black and white negatives and colour slides. They’d been tucked away in boxes all that time. The surfers in the photos have proven to be some of the most interesting and creative individuals in surfing’s culture. Most of these photos have never been seen before.

Rusty, not known as a surfing photographer, has taken images that are evocative portraits of the people at that time. In addition to the visuals Turning Point makes for fascinating reading.

Dates for launches and book signings:
December 22: Mary Ryan’s Book Store in Byron Bay -  with guests Gary “Kong” Elkerton and Tim Baker.

March 23: Patagonia Store, Torquay.

Mid March, date TBA: Noosa Festival Of Surfing -

What they’re saying about Turning Point:
Surfing culture’s sense of community and cool are at the centre of Rusty’s photographs from this turning point in surfing’s time line.
 - Dave Rastovich, Surfer and Environmental Activist

I am back home having a cup of tea and looking through the book and just marveling at the images and stories, feeling like I am there, or at least being given a front row seat.
Tim Baker, Surf Journalist

Rusty and Tricia really have created something incredibly special in Turning Point . . . unlike any other book, possibly with the exception of Leroy Grannis’, this has narrated a period in surfing so exquisitely, so evocatively, that one actually becomes emotionally effected . . . I almost found myself chanting anti-war slogans and blaring Arlo Guthrie and Joni Mitchell tracks out across the neighbourhood!
 - Tommy Leitch, Freelance Writer

For further information or to order a book email:
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