Matt Jordan, Dr Jeremy Sheppard, Tai Tran, Lina Lundgren and Dr Martin Buchiet © Surfing Australia

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Surfing Australia Sport Science Manager Dr Jeremy Sheppard has won a prestigious award at the recent International Conference on Applied Strength and Conditioning presented by the Australian Strength And Conditioning Association (ASCA). The annual Conference, held on the Gold Coast, attracted hundreds of the world's leading sport scientists and elite coaches.

Dr Sheppard, who is also Head of Strength and Conditioning for Surfing Australia and a Senior Lecturer with Edith Cowan University, won the Senior Investigator Award for Best Research, for his work involving the assessment of physical qualities in elite competitive surfers. His project was supported financially by Edith Cowan University, and was part of the Hurley Surf Science Program.

The other research honour for Best Student Research was awarded to Dr Sheppard's graduate student, Kieran Young of the Queensland Academy of Sport. Kieren is studying for his Master's degree through Edith Cowan University.

Surfing Australia PhD scholars Tai Tran and Lina Lundgren presented novel data on aerials surfing and paddling performance and future Surfing Australia scholar Josh Seacomb (University of Newcastle) presented data on the effects of fatigue from extended surfing sessions on physical performance capabilities.

Prior to the conference, the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Level 3 Elite Coaching Course was also held at the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre, attracting top coaches from Australia and overseas, and presenters from Australia, the US, France, England and Canada.

"It was an excellent week of professional development with domestic and international colleagues," Dr Sheppard said. "It was great to host the Level 3 elite course at our facility, and the conference, as usual, was top notch.

"I was so happy for my Master's student Kieran to be recognised, and it was icing on the cake to be recognised for our research in surfing at the HPC. I have my outstanding team of colleagues and scholars to thank for that, as it was the furthest thing from a solo effort."


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