The 9'6" board for auction this year

Thursday, 1 November 2012

From shaper Steve Friedman . . . I have built this surfboard to auction off for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to raise funds for their Whale Defense Campaign 2012/13, Zero Tolerance. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international non-profit conservation organization with the intention of protecting the worlds' oceans, ecosystems and animals. They do it for all of us, for the future of humanity!

I went to meet some of the folks on the Steve Erwin this week and was very much impressed by how compassionate and warm and dedicated they are. They have brightened my vision of the future.

This board is made from plantation grown Balsa Wood, cedar and red-pine. She is 9'6 1/2" x 22 3/4" , semi gun design. Something to ride waves up to 15 foot at places like Sunset beach Hawaii of Bell's beach here in Australia. She is totally hand made. From milling the timber, glueing up the blank, shaping and then glassing and polishing her.

I have been building surfboard for over 40 years and timber boards like this for around 30 years and each one is a joy to make.

On Sat 1st december from 12pm, Make Waves Family Festival will be held at Seaworks, 52 Nelson Place, Williamstown, Vic., the final day of bidding will take place and I'm hoping to rise more then we did last year when I gave them a solid cedar board, the Dream Machine. We raised $3000 at that auction. Bids start at $3000.

For more information please contact Steve on 0419117050 or email


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