Jay and Jeff Grygera (Iron Cross Surfboards) and Jerry Anderson (Headline Graphics) produced this commemorative longboard for Brennan Savage (FDNY Retirees of San Diego 19th Division) to honor the 343 firefighters lost on 9/11 at the World Trade Cent

Friday, 9 September 2011

Encinitas, CA - Firefighter Brennan Savage, President of FDNY Retirees of California, was leaving work to go surfing on September 11, 2001 when he looked across the bay to see one of the Twin Towers on fire. When he saw a jetliner hit the second tower he realized he wasn't going anywhere, but back to work that day. Some of Savage's fellow firefighters were in the water surfing that morning and lost their lives at the Twin Towers.
As a fireman and a surfer now living in Encinitas, California, Savage wanted to do something special to commemorate the friends he lost that day. He thought a commemorative surfboard would be just the item. That's when he contacted Iron Cross Surfboards' Jeff and Jay Grygera to  donate the surfboard.

Jeff then contacted Jerry Anderson, owner of Headline Graphics. Anderson creates custom surfboard graphics on Photocloth, producing photo-realistic images. "I envisioned it immediately," said Anderson, "I thought of creating a flag that ran the length of the board with the faces of the 343 fallen firefighters set in the white stripes."
According to Jeff Grygera, "I have built thousands of surfboards, but none of them ever affected me like this. Working on that board, I would stare at those faces for hours, realizing these guys would never return to their families again. As a family man, that was really emotional for me."
The surfboard is finished and on display at Iron Cross Surfboards through September 7. At 10:00 a.m. on September 7, the board will be presented to the now retired firefighter, Brennan Savage at Iron Cross Surfboards, 2101 San Elijo Ave., Cardiff. Media is encouraged to attend.

The surfboard will be part of the 10th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony slated for September 11 on the USS Midway Museum at 910 North Harbor Drive, San Diego. For more info, visit: www.midway.org/911 and www.fdnyretireesofcalifornia.com.
After being displayed on the USS Midway, the 9-11 board, as it's being called, will be taken to its permanent home at the San Diego Firehouse Museum.
Contacts: Brennan Savage at savagebdl@yahoo.com or 760-623-3539  
Jeff/Jay Grygera, Iron Cross Surfboards: jeffgrygera@gmail.com or 760-436-1900
Jerry Anderson, Headline Graphics: janderson@headlinegraphics.com or 760-436-0133

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