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Monday, 15 August 2011

Can you please help us by throwing your support behind preserving a historical and culturally significant National Surfing Reserve?

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Don Munro of the LNSR explains: "The following regards a very serious situation taking place at Lennox Point, with Ballina Council installing an ugly concrete and steel shared pathway that is nothing less then an environmental eyesore cutting through a piece of naturally beautiful landscape. We don't want to see this iconic internationally renowned point break destroyed. And with that in mind, a 'Love Lennox – No Concrete & Steel Rally' will be held at the beginning of the Lennox Shared Pathway Dress Circle Drive on Sunday 21st August 2011 at 11.00am. "

The Agenda:
1) The removal of the steel handrails. 2) A designated cycle dismount zone. 3) Stop the extension of the concrete path all the way to the Point. 4) Community consultation and full disclosure of the design and materials intended for the extended coastal pathway.       

Ballina Shire Council has commenced construction of its shared coastal pathway on the foreshore of the Lennox Head Surfing Reserve. This once pristine extraordinary slice of coastal land and seascape has now been dissected by a 3 metre wide white concrete road complete with upstand kerb, concrete drains, headwalls and an industrial tubular stainless steel handrail. A once quiet and serene environment is now traversed by speeding bikes, skateboards and a rush of pedestrians on a road wide enough to drive a truck.

During the community/councillors consultation process, Ballina Shire Council did not indicate in detail the type of materials that would be used in the construction of the shared pathway. What has eventuated is an environmental eyesore, a conspicuously ugly concrete and steel structure situated on the edge of the natural foreshore of Lennox Point.
Lennox Point is an iconic, internationally renowned surfing break nestled under the pristine landscape of Lennox Headland. It is a major attraction for local surfers and residents, as well as thousands of tourists, drawn here each year to enjoy and experience its 'natural beauty'… a positive spinoff being an injection of thousands of dollars into the local economy.  

It appears that no real thought or consideration has been given to the aesthetic and environmental impact the pathway would have on this unique and beautiful area. The pathway simply does not come close to blending in with the natural habitat and landscape.
The Lennox National Surfing Reserve, Lennox Head Residents Association and Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce, along with over 4000 local residents are deeply concerned that this new path damages the environmental, historical and cultural significance of the reserve. We seek immediate redress of the situation and seek further assurances that appropriate solutions are sought to minimise further impacts from the proposed extension of this coastal pathway.  

Kind Regards
Don Munro
Executive Member
Lennox National Surfing Reserve 0418 625 222


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