Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Noosa Woods will be the venue for two big nights of music, film and art at the Noosa Festival of Surfing. Festival organisers this week announced that a second night of live entertainment had been added to the program, accompanying the Zinc 96.1 Night In The Woods concert.

The second event, “Logger-Rhythm”, will be a multi-media party featuring bands, movies and art exhibitions, all sponsored by the Rhythm surf brand. Exciting new surf rock band The Bleeding Knees Club is expected to headline, with the Gold Coast’s Dolphinsband also on the card. The night will also feature a premiere movie showing and an exhibition by photographer Dane Peterson and other Rhythm artists.

Said Festival Director Phil Jarratt: “We’re stoked to have Rhythm join the party. It’s one of Australia’s most dynamic young surf brands, with a track record of supporting emerging talent in surf, music and art. With Logger-Rhythm and Zinc’s Night In The Woods on consecutive nights, the final weekend of the festival is going to be a blast.”

Logger-Rhythm Friday, March 18
Zinc’s Night in the Woods Saturday, March 19
Tickets for Zinc’s Night In The Woods are now on sale.
Logger-Rhythm tickets available pre-Christmas.

For more info and ticket sales go to


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