HARD CHARGING PIC: MoonwalkerPhotos.com

Q: You and your dad surfed together in the 2010 Noosa Festival family event . . . and he snapped your board. Has he fixed it yet?

Surfing Noosa's Family challenge was great fun. We scored a win together which was great to do with dad. I got into longboarding because of the family atmosphere, so to see events like this was great. Long story short, the board is now a permanent fixture in my garage rafters and is still most definitely in 2 pieces. Dad did shape all my surfboards until I became sponsored and has fixed all the dings along the way, so I'll call it even.

Q: Contest vs Freesurfing?

18 months ago I would have said contests for sure, but since the 2010 Malfunction I’ve been working more on R&D with Shapers on my fins - www.shapers.com.au, Steve on my surfboards – www.clearwatersurf.com.au, artwork and my blog – www.ruben roxburgh.blogspot.com. Free surfing has become much more the avenue I am following with my surfing, exploring the road less traveled that I never get to experience when focusing on contests. Plus I get to share the lifestyle working with photographers, videographers, magazines and television.

Q: What superpower would you like to have?

I would love to have the power to look at the washing up pile in the kitchen and it just be done. Flying and supersonic hearing are over rated. It's all about the household chores!

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