Interview by smartass Steve Thomas

Q: What are you three favourite boards right now?

Donald Takayama Pig - it's fun because the wide point is pulled back so you get the stability of a wider board with a narrower width and a true log for that time period. The Donald Takayama Scorpion its like a mini nose rider and a fast loose shortboard in one. And my Donald Takayama model, the Noah Kakoi, it's comfort food for me - I know that board like the back of my hand.

Q: How did you get your nickname 'Badger'? I'm thinking it's because you have the characteristics of a Badger. For example, the badger is a stocky animal with short but extremely strong legs. You are stocky and have extremely strong legs for shredding. Another fun fact is Badgers are quite solitary mammals that prefer open planes, farmlands, and edges of forests. Your always saying how you want to go home to Maui. I rest my case.

Hah! It's a long story but at a Halloween party some time ago I didn't really have a costume. So this girl put a bra on my head and all my friends said I looked like a badger.

Q: It seems like you canít just be good at surfing/Longboarding. You have to have something else going for you like art, music, or just a really good dresser these days. Which one of those things are you?

Yeah, I would like to think I'm a good dresser but it's something I'm constantly working on.

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