Q: So whatís been happening in Alex Knostís world for the past 12 months?
About four months ago now I started shaping my own boards and itís been awesome. There are a lot of kids my age making boards, Iíve been friendís with Robbie Kegel for a long time and heís been shaping for quite a while, as has another good friend, Tanner Prairie. They just seem to really enjoy shaping.
When I was young I used to work at Robert August, with Mark Martinson profiling the blanks, before the computer shaping era was in full-swing, so I kindaí had a general idea of what worked from back then.
I recently shifted to Costa Mesa and the place I moved into had about ten boards from the early Ď60s that were stacked against a wall and had pretty much just corroded, the glass had all but fallen off them. So I reshaped a couple and they worked ok. I kept going and got better results each time.
I know a lot of kids, what with the economy the way it is, who are shaping because they donít have a lot of money to buy brand name boards. Itís economical and everyone has a good time doing it, itís not so serious you know? Itís fun scene seeing all the kids making stuff, being creative and learning by trial and error making boards for themselves. Not to make money, not to create a big business or anything, just for them so they can keep surfing all the time.

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