Q: How long have you been filming for and why have you focused on longboarding?
I started learning how to film when I was in the 10th grade. From the age of 15-17, I use to film Guy Takayama, nephew to Donald Takayama. He taught me some fundamentals of how to properly film LB surfing, and told me that if I want to make good surf films, is to integrate women LB shredders as well. I love to longboard, and I love to film. So why not put my two passions into one. I'm not the greatest surfer, but I know how to get ‘er done.

Q: Worst shoot you've ever done?
In the spring of 2010, I was at La Jolla Shores filming Noah Shimabukuro paddling into some massive barrels. That night, I called up Steve Thomas, and explained to him the massiveness. The following morning, Steven drove down and picked up Noah. When we arrived, it was raining with a mixture of on-shore, and off-shore winds, a real mess. While I was filming, the rain started pouring and a tiny droplet landed on the chip inside my eye piece of my video camera. My first reaction was to run to my car, and start to dry it. That little water droplet caused the colors, lighting, and shadows to become totally flat. So I sent my camera back to Canon to be fixed. A week later, they gave me call and informed me that to get just my eye piece fixed, it would cost me $997.54. A big blow to the knees, I'd say. So $997.54 later my video camera is fixed. The one great shot I got that day before my camera broke, was of Noah going for a switch stance barrel. That piece of footage is worth $997.54 - if anyone is interested. ha ha.

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